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zits and acne during menstruationEvery woman’s body is different, and so there will be differences in the way they experience periods. However, some infections, diseases and conditions may manifest as though they are part of the symptoms of periods, but they are not.

You need to know you body well to be able to tell if things are not normal.

For girls expecting their first periods:
You should see a doctor if...
bulletyou have completed puberty but still have not menstruated by the age of 15. It could be normal, but it is always good to get a doctor to check you
bulletyou feel abdominal pains regularly but there is no blood flow at all.
bulletyou have not had puberty at all

For girls who already have period:
you should see a doctor if...
bulletyou have not had a period in two months. There could be delays, but it could also be a medical issue or it could mean that you are pregnant.
bulletyou have an irregular period away from your regular ones.
bulletyou have been bleeding a lot for more than a week
bulletyou think your bleeding is a lot more than usual
bulletyou bleed between your regular periods
bulletyou have severe pain during periods

This terms means extremely heavy and prolonged flow. Women with menorrhagia soak hour after hour and have to change pads or tampons a couple of times in the night. Some even have clots of blood coming out. Many factors can cause this, but it is best for your doctor to examine you first. See your doctor right away.

For women who are not new to this, the key is to know your body and symptoms.

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